Some Little Known Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

Some Little Known Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

Read to know some facts about Adolf Hitler – The founder of NAZI Party in Germany.Facts About Adolf Hitler

  • Did you know Hitler was not born in Germany. He actually born in Austria.
  • Hitler always dreamed about becoming an Artists. He also applied to the Vienna Academy of Arts twice but denied.
  • Around 4 years Hitler lived on the streets of Vienna selling his postcards. The post card artworks were done by him.
  • Hitler was in German army during the World War I. He had 2 close encounters but survived. He was awarded with Iron Crosses twice for his bravery.
  • The entry of Hitler into German politics was because of his strong hatred towards the nations leaders. This was because of the reason, Germany surrendered in the World War I. Hitler believed Germany had been betrayed by Germany’s leaders.
  • Hitler Married Eva Braun during the last days of his life. Less than 2 days later they both committed suicide.
  • The symbol of Nazis, “Swastika” is a word from Sanskrit. It means “Su” – “good“, and “asti” – “to be“.
  • Time magazine elected Adolf Hitler as “The Man of The Year” on 1938.

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Cool facts tbh. And he did make art, so he didn't die until he was able to portray one of his finest drawings: massacres of those terrorising israeli cunts.