Some Facts about Volcanoes

Volcanoes are the opening or rupture on a planet’s surface, which helps hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface. Now here read some cool facts about volcanoes.

  • Volcanoes can be generally found on rthe places where tectonic plates are diverging or converging.
  • Volcanoes become extinct once it no longer has the lava supply.
  • Volcanic activity releases around 145 million to 255 million short tons of carbon dioxide each year.
  • One of the main natural reason for Acid Rains is the gas emission from volcanoes.
  • Earth has around 1500 active volcanoes.
  • Super Volcanoes are considered to be the most dangerous types of volcanoes.
  • Super Volcanoes can produce a volcanic eruption with an ejecta volume greater than 1,000 cubic kilometers.
  • Super Volcanic eruptions can cool down earth’s atmosphere for the following years.

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