Some Disgusting and Weird Facts

Due to popularity of vile or disgusting things (Mostly due to the world we call the Internet!) today we are going to look at some horrible, disgusting and weird facts that we have managed to source from around the Internet (Oh the irony).

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  • By the time the average American child leaves elementary school, it is though that they have seen around 200,000 acts of violence and 40,000 murders on television. Who says violence on TV isn’t a worrying thing?
  • In the 2000s, nearly 30 albino children were murdered in Tanzania. They were hacked apart by machetes and their body parts sold on the black market. This is because people think it will help them achieve wealth. Nope, just a jail sentence.
  • If your saliva did not keep your mouths acid balance correct, your mouth would effectively eat its own teeth.
  • During the famines in North Korea in 1995 and 1997, starving people dug up bodies and then ate them.
  • When you urinate, a small portion of the urine actually enters your mouth via your saliva glands. Don’t worry though; it’s actually cleaner than saliva.
  • Martin Luther reportedly ate at least one spoonful of his own poop every day.
  • The United States has only been debt free once in its lifetime, back in 1835. This was the first and last time it has been debt free.
  • Up until the 1800s, women in Turkey who were suspected of cheating were tied up with a sack of cats and thrown in the ocean.
  • Pubic lice aren’t just found in your pubic hair. It can actually be found in your thigh and chest hair but perhaps more revoltingly, on your facial hair.

Some pretty revolting facts there but also some quite interesting one. Who knew the US was ever debt free?! Either way, if you have any more revolting facts to share, be sure to let us know below or on our Facebook page.

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