Some Cool Facts About Argentina

Argentina Flag

Argentina Flag

Argentina is a south American country near to Chile, Bolivia and Brazil. Argentina is the largest country among the Spanish Speaking Countries. Also it is the 8th largest in the whole world(by land area). Now read more cool facts about Argentina here.

  • The name Argentina came from a Latin word called “Argentum” which translates to “Silver”. Thats because the conquerors reached Argentina following some rumors saying Argentina had Mountains of Silver. In fact Argentina doesn’t have any sources of Silver.
  • The currency of Argentina is Peso.
  • With 97.4%, Argentina has the highest literacy rate in South America and 58th Highest in the World.
  • Argentina is one of the first few countries to have radio broadcasting.
  • Argentina is famous for wine export.
  • The very first Animated movies were produced and released in Argentina by a person called Quirino Cristiani in 1917.
  • Around 750,000 illegal immigrants are there in Argentina according to government.
  • Argentineans are very passionate about Soccer.
  • Most of the Argentina population are from European descent.
  • Spanish is the official language of Argentina.
  • Argentina’s Mendoza province at Cerro Aconcagua is the highest point above sea level in the Southern and Western Hemisphere.
  • Argentina’s national flag was designed by an army officer named Manuel Belgrano. During his last days he had to pay the doctor with his with his clock and his carriage which were some of the very few things he had at that time because of his poverty.

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts about Argentina. If you have more facts, let us know here in comments or in our facebook page.

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I have been in Argentina many times. I love it because the citizens are very friendly and sociable and the prices are not so expensive. Although, I know that there are many criminals, so keep your eyes open. I have tried their wine and it is not so perfect. I mean that yes it is good, but nothing special. The one thing that impressed me was the children who used to play soccer every day and every hour! It is really awesome to see so many children playing together.


I would really love to go on a tour which includes most of the Latic American countries as well as most of the European countries.

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