Cool Facts Android Application Released

We are pretty happy to announce that we have launched our own official cool facts for all our android fans.

Its available from the Google Play Store Via this download link:
Android app on Google Play
QR Code:

Qr code for coolfacts android app

Download the coolfacts android app here

All the facts in this app are funny, cool, informative, real and verifiable. The app comes with regular coolfacts_iconin-app updates from our facebook page, official website & twitter account whenever there is an update. So there is no end to the facts. Almost every day you will get new facts unlike many other cool facts apps. Also all of these facts are true as we are a team of people who care about the quality of our work. Most of the facts will be verifiable using wikipedia and other trusty websites like Nat Geo, Discovery etc.


  • Swipe Left or Right for next or previous facts.
  • Random Fact & Latest Fact Buttons.
  • Twitter sharing button. Amaze your followers with awesome cool facts.
  • Links to our Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter pages and to the official website.
  • A never ending list of cool facts.

We really hope you enjoy these facts and have a fun time. If you have any feedbacks or comments about the app, please feel free to contact me via the email id. If you have any complain about the app, please refrain from posting the comment here. Send it to my email id instead so that it won’t go unnoticed. I will try to fix it asap.

And finally please share our cool facts android app with your friends and relatives.

App Demo

Author: Plato P.

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Plato Puthur is the owner at cool Facts and has been working with websites since 2009. He enjoys playing games on XBOX, browsing through reddit and using Android smartphones. In the free time he crawls through various pages of Wikipedia in his quest for knowledge.
Fergal Crawley
Fergal Crawley

Congratulations on the launch or your app. I hope it goes very well for you.

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