Interesting facts about Netherlands

Today I thought of writing about the land of Tulips and Windmills – Netherlands. I hope these hand picked interesting facts about Netherlands. Netherlands became the first country to legalize same sex marriages in 2001. Almost 20% of the entire area in Netherlands is below sea level. 21% of its…
Facts about Canada

Some cool facts about Canada

Canada is an awesome country no doubts. If you’re fascinated by Canada, here are a few facts about Canada to blow your mind. Canada is a really big country. It is the 2nd largest country in the world. The largest country is Russia fyi. Canada and the US share the…
Rabbit Facts

Cool and Funny Rabbit Facts

Rabbits are one of my favorite pet animals. Here are some cool, funny and terrifying facts about Rabbits, one of the cutest animals on earth! Baby Rabbits are called Kittens The hind legs of Rabbits are very strong.  If their legs are not restrained properly, they can break their spine…
Random Fact 3

Top 5 Random Facts of Today

1. In May 2009, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and director James Cameron publicly annoucned thsat they will provide financial support for the last living Titanic survivor, Millvina Dean. It was reported that she had been forced to sell her mementos to pay for nursing home bills before that. Source: IMDB…
Facts about weed

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana is legal over at a lot of different parts of the world and a lot of other states and countries are starting to make it legal. So I thought why not some interesting facts about marijuana for today. Again I am in no way promoting the abusive use of…
Facts about DNA

Interesting Fun Facts About DNA

Today I suddenly became interested in Human DNA which is also known as Deoxyribonucleic Acid and I thought why not write about it. In case you don’t know what DNA is, it is the thing which decides all about you. It is responsible for your genetic make up. So here…

A Few Interesting Facts About Malaga

The city of Malaga is well-known for its subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Situated on the seashore of the world-famous Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Spain. Aside from the above-mentioned qualities, there are a myriad of cool reasons why Malaga stands out among other vacation places.…
Facts about Drugs

Cool Facts About Drugs

Parents never like their children taking drugs, period. But there are a few cool facts about them, some facts about drugs which are worth knowing. Here are a few I found while going through several forums and informative articles on Internet. Anyway just to be clear, I don’t endorse or…
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Top 20 Random Cool Facts Of August 2013

So from this month onwards I thought of writing a dedicated posts for each month’s top 20 cool facts from our facebook page Cool Facts. I hope you enjoy these top 20 random cool facts of August. Also be sure to let us know your feedback and what you thought…
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